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  • A Guide to Choosing Drumsticks
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General Interest

If you are not sure what sticks may best suit your playing style please read the following:

SRH (short round head) medium weight sticks and adaptable to many playing styles.

7A is a lighter and narrower stick ideal for younger players

5A is an average size stick, suitable for most players, most of the time.

5B is a heavier and fatter size stick, ideal for playing heavy rock style.

Having wooden tips will offer a warmer and quieter sound.

Heavier sticks will produce a heavier, fatter sound. Lighter sticks may be for soft playing or just a more comfortable feeling as you play. Longer drumsticks produce an easier reach to your cymbals but they are not good for fast playing.

1. Choose the right wood.

Drumsticks are usually made of either maple, hickory, or oak. Each has a slightly different feel. The feel has to do with how the stick transmits or absorbs vibration and how much it flexes.

Hickory is a common, well rounded wood for drumsticks.

Maple is a lighter, more flexible wood.

Oak is densest but transmits vibrations more. It tends to be more durable.

2. Which type of Tip?

Plastic tips make cymbals sound terrific. They give the drums a "Pow!" sound.

Wooden tips (the most common), give drums a deeper, more traditional sound fit for jazz and older rock styles. These don't make the cymbals ring as much, or are considered not as bright.

3. Choose the thickness.

The thickness also changes the sound. Higher numbers represent thinner sticks, but thickness is not completely consistent between brands.

7As are thinner and lighter. They give more of a marching band sound on trap kit, although they would rarely be used for drum chops, which would favor a much heavier stick. They are often used by beginning jazz students.

5As are slightly thicker than the 7A. They're good for Hard Rock & Heavy Metal, but are versatile enough to be used in just about any style of music.

5Bs are thicker, more intense drumsticks. Often Used in Rock.

2Bs are especially thick. Often used in Heavy Metal.

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