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  • The Gorilla

The Gorilla

Whose in charge?
The magnificent male is called a Silverback because of the saddle of grey hair on his back and thighs. A single Silverback leads the troop.

He decides where and when everyone eats, rest and sleeps and keeps the peace. A hard stare is usually enough to sort out trouble.

When threatened, he defends his family with great courage. He sees off rivals and intruders with a show of strength., charging forward and beating his powerful chest.

A Silverback is as strong as 6 men and his chest drumming can be heard a long way away.

Threats to the Gorilla
Gorillas are facing a whole lot of big problems in the wild. Why are they threatened with extinction?

Land Conversion
Pet Trade
Hunting for bush meat
Ebola and other diseases

Surely if our people cannot save our nearest relative in the wild then what hope is there for the rest of the animal kingdom in the next 100 years……………………….